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A Creative Contractor For Bathroom Remodeling Jobs In Chattanooga

Your washrooms can be a place to unwind from stress as you let the hot water of a relaxing shower cascade over your body. With so much relaxation in one small area, why not redesign the space to create an oasis in your house? Chattanooga residents trust Keefe Plumbing Company for bathroom remodel projects, because we go down to the wall studs for renovation by replacing vinyl and ceramic tiles, sheetrock, paint, wallpaper, rotten floors, shower bases, light fixtures and other washroom accessories.

Why You Should Renovate Your Space

It might seem daunting to completely redo your home’s bathrooms, but it’s important to think about the benefits of the project. Not only will you create a space that you’ll love for years to come but also add to the value of your home should you ever hope to sell. Depending on the age of your current plumbing, there’s also the potential for savings on utility bills if you opt to upgrade to efficient fixtures.

What To Expect During The Process

When you schedule an appointment for remodeling, the first thing that you can expect is a consultation with a design professional. He or she will listen to your needs and budgetary constraints before developing a breathtaking new room to replace your outdated washroom. Once the job starts, you can expect rapid progress as contractors replace drywall, countertops, tile, cabinet and fixtures with upgraded components. Once the dust settles, you’ll be amazed by the transformation of the space.

We Create New Looks In The Dalton & Cleveland Area

If you need a quality bathroom remodeling contractor in Chattanooga, Cleveland or Dalton, look no further than Keefe Plumbing Company. Even if you aren’t in the city, we can also help you in the neighboring communities of Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Dayton, and Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, so reach out to us for any of your needs. To schedule a consultation or inquire about other services such as backflow preventer installation, call us today at 423-622-3178!

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