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Professional Leak Detection Service In Chattanooga

Water is an important ingredient to life on our planet – we all need it in order to survive and thrive. We pipe it into our homes and offices because we need it for hydration and sanitary tasks like bathing or washing hands, clothes and dishes. When a building’s piping fails, leaks in the system could lead to major structural damage if they aren’t detected and repaired quickly. At Keefe Plumbing Company, we use specialized techniques, like cameras and pressurized nitrogen, to provide accurate leak detection throughout the Chattanooga community.

How To Tell If You Have A Water Leak

Pipes do their jobs invisibly, as the components are hidden behind walls and under floors, which makes it hard to spot a water leak before major damage occurs. The good news is that there are a few symptoms that indicate a problem, and you should call a professional plumbing company to address the situation as soon as possible. If you notice things like hot or wet spots on the floor or walls, low pressure, constant flowing noises or a water heater that won’t shut off, contact a service provider who will pinpoint the pipeline location and patch up any leaks that might show up during testing.

We Offer Pipeline Location & More For The Dalton & Cleveland Areas

If you’re in Chattanooga, Cleveland or Dalton, call Keefe Plumbing Company today for all of your leak or pipe locating and repair needs. With reliable service throughout the neighboring communities of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, Dayton, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain and Athens, Tennessee, it’s no wonder why people have trusted us to solve residential, commercial and industrial problems for more than 60 years. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate with one of our technicians or to inquire about our other offerings like bathroom remodel service, call us today at 423-622-3178!

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