Having clean water is a necessity.

Unfortunately, the threat of backflow could mean that you lose your drinking water, leaving you unable to wash clothes, shower, cook or even simply drink water. This is why having a backflow prevention device installed in your home is so important. These devices prevent dirty, used water from flowing back up the pipes in the wrong direction and contaminating your potable water supply. There are several benefits associated with installing an item like this in your home, including:


•    Compared to the cost of dealing with the fallout of backup, this is a rather economical step you can take to protect your water.
•    The prevention devices come in several different shapes and sizes, so you can custom-fit your home with protection from specific threats.
•    It may be legally mandatory for you to install these devices in your home or apartment building in some places.
•    These devices help to protect you and your family not only from inconvenience from loss of clean water, but also from serious disease which can result from contaminated water consumption.


It’s important to consider each of these benefits when it comes to upgrading your water protection system. Contact Keefe Plumbing Company, Inc. at 423-622-3178 to learn more about installing a backflow prevention device in your home and learn more about the benefits of taking this step.